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Introduction to Edinburgh Counselling Agencies List

The Edinburgh Counselling Agencies list exists to make the process of finding suitable counselling support easier and less stressful. It can help people find counselling appropriate to their needs, their locality as well as what they can afford. The list also highlights the likely time that someone might be expected to wait until they can be seen. It also lists a contact name at each respective agency. Please send us feedback about any information that is out of date, or any suggestions to make it more helpful.

Agency NameContact InformationSpecialityCost (£)Enabled AccessWaiting ListContact People
24hr Crisis CentreTel: 0808 8010414 text: 07974429075

A crisis centre for people aged 16 and over resident in Edinburgh
Adolescent Substance Use Service (ASUS)Tel: 0131 556 1527

Level 6
City Chambers
249 High Street

Tel: 0131 529 6700

Support and treatment for young people experiencing difficulties with drugs, alcohol or novel psychoactive substance use.
18 or under in/from Edinburgh or East Lothian. Self-referral or by parent/friend/worker.
One-to-one counselling & support

FreeEnabled Access can be arrangedNoneJayne Reed
The Anchor Practice
Tel: 07833 465430
26 Forth Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3LH

The Anchor Practice is a specialist mental health clinic providing psychotherapy and clinical psychology for children, adolescents, young adults and families. Set up by highly experienced clinicians, it is based in Edinburgh, with clinical appointments offered in the city.

The Anchor Practice provides thorough assessment and evidence-based treatment for a wide range of mental health difficulties in children and young people, whilst ensuring our clients are at the heart of all we do.
fees vary depending on indicated treatment.Reception
Arkordia Counselling and Psychotherapy Service
Based in South Side Centre
86 Causewayside

Tel: 07496 155 038
General counselling to assist individuals to explore and resolve whatever difficulties are being experiencedNegotiated Donations from £10 upwards per session to offer a service available to those on low incomes.Not available at this address but can be negotiated and arranged elsewhere.
Yes, for appointments call the Tel No or email address indicated.Quintus Farrell (Chairperson) Pauline McElroy (Administrator)
Birthlink Adoption Counselling Centre
21 Castle Street

Tel: 0131 225 6441

Post adoption services for adults with a Scottish connection. Operate Adoption Contact Register for Scotland
Adoption Contact Register £20
Court process £45
Searching £120
Mediation £60
One to one £35 ph
Although we have no enabled access we are happy to make arrangements to meet elsewhere.some services have a waiting list
Duty worker
Bright Light
Bright Light
18 York Place

Tel: 0131 556 1527
Fax: 0131 558 9526

Relationship/Marriage/Sex Counselling.
Family therapy, young people's therapy (4-18)
9am-9pm Mon-Thurs
9am-5pm Friday
9am-5pm Saturday

*Currently offering Zoom and telephone appointments
Contributions negociable in line with Income.Not at Dundas St.
Access at: Livingston, Sighthill, Dalkeith, and Tranent
Dependent on client availability Reception
CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service)Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Morningside Place
EH10 5HF

Tel: 0131 537 6364
Fax: 0131 537 6102

CAMHS provides psychological, medical and psychosocial assessment and treatment for children and young people with mental health problems. CAMHS aims to promote health and well-being and to prevent relapse by offering a range of individual, family and group approaches. CAMHS teams also offer professional consultation services.
The Child and Adolescent Mental Health outpatient sector teams cover North Edinburgh(537 6364), South Edinburgh (536 0534), Midlothian and East Lothian and West Lothian) based on GP locality.
The five sector teams have different bases. CAMHS outpatient teams are multi-disciplinary health teams for children and young people up to the age of 18 Years.
Referrals usually come from general practitioners, health visitors, social workers or from schools GP.
(this service does not accept self-referral)
FreeYesPossible waiting listReception
Confidential Conversations52 Queens Street

0845 208 5100 or 0131 225 6028


Sometimes life presents us with challenging situations that leave us feeling overwhelmed. Work may be the cause of these problems, or our performance at work may suffer because of them. Either way, talking, offloading and exploring issues with a specialist workplace counsellor can have huge benefits.

At CrossReach we offer a dedicated workplace counselling programme called Confidential Conversations.

If you’re an employee: Confidential Conversations offers you a way to access professional and impartial counselling in a neutral, private setting. You can choose weekly one-to-one counselling sessions, or external supervision here.
If you’re an employer: Confidential Conversations helps you to fulfil your responsibility to look after the health and wellbeing of your staff, as well as improving performance and productivity. It can be offered as part of a wider Employment Assistance Programme (EAP).
Please contact for pricingUnable to offer face-to-face at this time There is a waiting list that varies in length, please contact for latest timescales.To make a referral or for all enquiries, please email or call 0131 225 6028
CoCo Counselling140 Pleasance
Edinburgh EH8 9RR
07724152557 / 07787000251
We offer indoor and outdoor person-centred counselling to all clients over 16 We ask all clients for a regular contribution each session based on what they can affordRooms are located on the first floor, but access to a ground floor room via a ramp is sometimes available.We do have a short waiting list, but are usually able to see clients for an initial appointment within a few weeks.Kate Frazer and Shilpa Balaram
Contact Counselling
Counsellors across the city of Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 466 4597

One-to-one counselling
Children and Young People's Counselling
Family Counselling
Post Natal Depression Counselling
Depending on income, from £25 - £35 per 60 minute session, Students and Trainee Counsellors £25NoFast Response Appointment within 7 days. Ongoing Counselling Immediate.Roslin Brown
Crew 2000
32 Cockburn Street,

Tel: 0131 220 3404

Free counselling for people 18+ concerned about their stimulant and other social drug use, for example cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy or amphetamines. Our counselling is person centred, which means that we work with what feels important to each individual client.FreeNo
Immediate assessment then 2-4 week waiting time
Crossreach Counselling: Lothians
52 Queen Street

Tel: 0131 225 6028

Website: Website

All of our counsellors are either fully qualified or are in the latter stages of their training. They can help you explore your feelings and experiences in a safe and confidential listening environment.Donation BasedCall to arrange in advance
Currently, CCL’s referral and waitlist are closed. Please contact us to know when they will re-openTo make a referral or for all enquiries, please email or call 0131 225 6028
Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland
Great Michael House
14 Links Place

Free Helpline

Phone line monitored by volunteers 9am - 8pm Monday through Friday, and from 1pm - 4pm on the weekends


Bereavement support for adults and young people

Currently only online or on the phone*

Contributions encouraged
Dependent on waiting list
Lynda Keay
Dove Light Wellbeing201 Colinton Road
EH14 1BJ

0131 344 4191
Holistic person-centred counselling and therapy centre 1:1 cost = £90 for 50 minute session

Room space for rental = cost on enquiry
Yes No waiting listAlexandria Gibson
Edinburgh And Lothian Council on Alcohol
91 Rose Street

Tel: 0131 337 8188

One-to-one counselling for people concerned about their alcohol intake or another's use of alcohol.
Free. Donations welcomed.
No. One flight of stairs.
4-6 weeks
Edinburgh Council Social Care and HealthWebsite

0131 200 2324
Monday to Thursday 8.30am-5pm

Friday 8.30am-3.55pm

If someone needs urgent social care or you think an adult or child needs protection call Social Care Direct.

0131 200 2324

In the evening and at weekends or public holidays, you can call Emergency Social Work, free of charge from a landline. Your mobile phone provider may charge for 0800 calls.

0800 731 6969
We assess a person’s needs to decide if we can offer care and support. We have to give priority to people who are at most risk.

We use eligibility criteria. These let us work out how serious the risk is of you losing your independence if your needs are not met.

We will discuss what support you need if your safety and independence are at high risk. For example, you may be unable to carry out essential personal care tasks, such as bathing and dressing.

Where the risk is lower, we will give you information and advice. This will be the case if you are having some difficulties but can manage most aspects of daily living.

We will need to meet with you to discuss your needs. We will arrange to meet with you in your own home.
Edinburgh Institute for Counselling and Psychotherapy
EICP operates from various locations throughout the city: Leith, City Centre and Southside

Tel: 0131 667 5251

Individual and couple counselling.
Counselling and Psychotherapy for individuals.
£50: Individual
£65: Couples
NoNo waiting list. Fairly flexible appointment times (evening/weekend appointments possible) EICP
Edinburgh Women's Aid 4 Cheyne Street

Tel: 0131 315 8110 / 0131 315 8111

No Counselling but listening and Information Service
FreeYesDrop in Service and Helpline – details on our website WebsiteHelpline – 0131 315 8110
FENIKS Counselling, Personal Development and Support Services Ltd151 London Road

Phone: 07510 122 425
Landline:0131 629 1881
Provides individual and couples' counselling and psychotherapy in Polish and English for the Central-Eastern European community in EdinburghFast Track-paid- from £35 per session, couples £60
Standard Track - donation - for people in difficult circumstances
YesFast Track - about 2 months
Standard Track - about 10-12 months
Kiro Zabinska-MacIntyre, Mental Health Services Manager
Magda Czarnecka, Chief Executive Officer
Gingerbread Edinburgh & Lothian Project Ltd
c/o Tollcross Primary School
117-119 Fountainbridge

Tel: 0131 478 1391 / 07825 925 846

We provide an information/advice service, After school Care Clubs in Dalry,Lorne, St Cuthberts and Tollcross Primary School also school holiday playschemes and cover for In-Service days (open to everyone) and counselling for lone parent families.Costs only for childcare servicesYesNoneCarol Anne Janice/ Janice Reid
Health All Round
24 Westfield Avenue
EH11 2QH

Tel: 0131 337 1376

Drop-in/self-referral for short term counselling.
Gorgie/Dalry and wide surrounding area.
Registration for the service is during drop in times, 2-4pm on Mondays, 10am-2pm on Wednesdays.
Daytime Counselling & CBT
Cost: Donation if unemployed, £10 on benefits, £15 if working part-time, £25 if working full-time.
Evening Counselling and CBT:
Cost: £25 per session
Fast-track counselling service:
Cost: £40 per session
YesDaytime Counselling & CBT
Waiting time is approx. 6 months.

Evening Counselling and CBT: Waiting time is approx. 4

Fast-track counselling service:
Waiting time about 2 weeks (when the service is open)
Catriona Windle (Project co-ordinator)
Maysoon Sutherland for counselling/CBT services
Health in Mind 40 Shandwick Place

Tel: 0131 225 8508
Resolve counselling – for adults living in Scotland. It's a social enterprise meaning people’s contributions go directly back into our mental health and wellbeing charity, Health in Mind.

Craigmillar counselling – this is a general counselling service for people living in Greater Craigmillar, who are finding life difficult to cope with and would like some emotional support.

Counselling for Survivors of Sexual abuse – this offers support for up to six months and is for people aged 18 years and over who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse living in the Edinburgh area.

Counselling for adult male survivors of sexual abuse – this offers counselling for up to six months for men aged 18 years and over who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse living in the East Lothian and Midlothian areas.

Lothian Deaf Counselling – this is a counselling service for those aged 18 or over who are Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or deafblind throughout Lothian.

Trauma counselling – this is for people in Edinburgh who have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Telephone Counselling Line Scotland – telephone counselling for adults anywhere in Scotland who have experienced any type of childhood abuse, including emotional abuse and childhood neglect.
Resolve counselling - £50 for one hour appointment.

All other counselling services are free.
No, but alternative arrangements can be made.
No waiting list

Free services: Variable, depending on demand.
Liz Trodden for Counselling services:
Hope Counselling ServiceCCE King's Hall
41 South Clerk Street

Mobile: 07395 906371
Phone: 0131 466 8992

We are a church-based service with counsellors of Christian faith, and we welcome clients of other faiths or no faith.
We charge £40 per session, with reduced-fee spaces available.NoOur waiting times are very short. Assessments happen soon after initial contact and then the wait for counselling tends to be up to 4 weeks.
Kelly Stewart
Hope Park Counselling centre
8 Hope Park Square
Meadow Lane

Tel: 0131 650 6696

Individual Counselling for Adults in Edinburgh
Contribution £2- £30 per session and initial appointment
NoneWaiting times: Estimated 11 weeks for daytime appointments and 3 months for evening appointmentsPractice managers: Jo Hilton and Patrick Joyce
LGBT Health & Wellbeing Counselling Service
LGBT Health & Wellbeing
9 Howe Street

Tel: 0131 523 1100

One to one counselling/psychotherapy for LGBT people.
Therapeutic workshops and group work.
Free (Donations welcome)
NoCurrently Approx 3 months
Claire Black
Link LivingLinkLiving
Link House
2c New Mart Road,
EH14 1RL
Telephone: 0330 303 0302

We are committed to positively supporting people to overcome the negative impacts on their lives of ill-health, poverty, inequality and isolation.
We offer various types of support - it can be practical, emotional or it can facilitate personal development and community inclusion.

The types of support we can offer include:

help with practical tasks such as budgeting, shopping and cooking
help and advice with rent, benefits and utilities
support with some aspects of personal care
help with maintaining good physical and mental health
emotional support with issues such as low self-esteem or confidence
support to develop the skills needed to access a range of training, education, employment and volunteering opportunities
help to address drug, alcohol or gambling addictions
support to build relationships with others and participate in their communities
Counselling not available. Contact us for further information about the services we offer.
Lothian Sexual Health, NHS Lothian2A Chalmers Street

Tel: 0131 536 1070

Lothian Sexual Health provides reliable and straightforward information about sexual health & services for people in Lothian.
You can access support, services and information on contraception, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and sexual problems.
You can find out more about the clinics provided in Chalmers Sexual Health Centre including the new drop-in service for under 19's Healthy Respect+

Walk -in (no appointment needed) If you have symptoms or you feel that the problem is urgent and can't wait, you may come to our walk-in clinic. Our walk-in clinic is open 8.30am-10.00am Monday - Friday (this is a very busy clinic that rapidly gets full. Later arrivals are interviewed by one of our nurses who will add urgent cases to the day's list. Patients with less significant problems may be asked to try again on another day). Are you Under 16? Drop-in clinic times - Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 7pm and Friday 8.30 - 3.30pm - Young People (only) drop-in - Friday 1-3pm
Mental Health Assessment Service
Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Morningside Place
EH10 5HF

Tel: 0131 537 6000

Emergency mental health assessment service.
FreeYes24-hour service
Midlothian Young People’s Advice Service (MYPAS)
Tolbooth Hall
176 High Street
EH22 1AY

Tel: 0131 454 0757
Fax: 0131 454 0844

Generic counselling and Art Therapy within Midlothian for young people ages 12-18;
Self-referral or by agreement with young person.
FreeCall to arrange in advance.
12-20 weeks All new referrals offered initial meeting within 2 weeks. Dave Evans (Manager)
North East Edinburgh Counselling Service
31 Haddington Place

Tel: 0131 557 4478

Adults resident in North East Edinburgh area.
General counselling service.
We also offer a service for 16-25 year olds at risk of harm.
Sessions provided by individually agreed voluntary contribution or free of charge as required No. We are up a series of 6 outside steps.Variable depending on which service chosen, also demandActing manager: Stewart Wilson
One Parent Families Scotland
2 York Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EP
Tel: 0131 556 3899

Helpline for single parents in Scotland, providing free advice, information and support.
Freephone: 0808 801 0323
We offer a free Counselling service for single parents in Edinburgh. At the moment this is available only on Fridays. To inquire, please, contact our main line.FreeN/A
NoneEleni MacLean
Counselling Services Support Worker
Wellbeing Scotland14 Bank Street Alloa, FK10 1HP
01324 630 100

A range of holistic services for people whose life circumstances have had an impact on their wellbeing. The service offer counselling, advocacy, befriending, groups, EMDR. There are specialist services for survivors of abuse and people with mental health issues. There are wellbeing and counselling in schools services for children and young people. The service supports all ages.
FreeNoVariable, depending on demand. Currently 2-3 months estimatedAdministration team
PF Counselling Service
8 Balcarres Street,
EH10 5JB

Tel: 0131 447 0876

Individuals over the age of 18.
No set fee. Contribution negotiated and encouraged based on what client genuinely can afford.YesYesReception
PF Young Adults Service8 Balcarres Street,
EH10 5JB

Tel: 0131 447 0876
Short term counselling (12 weeks up to one year) for young adults aged 18-25. SATURDAYS ONLY.
No set fee.
Contribution negotiated and encouraged based on what client genuinely can afford.
Postnatal Depression Services
Main Office:
Wallace House
3 Boswell Road
PND Centres also at:
Palmerston Place, East Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 538 7288
Fax: 0131 552 2319

Counselling & support for families with a baby under 2 years of age where a parent suffers from Postnatal Depression.
Services include:
Individual, Group & Couples Counselling.
Art Therapy.
Family Therapy.
Infant Massage.
Fathers Groups.
Telephone Support.
With crèche facilities at all locations
Sliding scale with £10 min charge. NB. No one will be turned away due to inability to contribute.Yes
Initial assessment, usually within 2 weeks. Group places frequently available. Waiting List for individual counselling, 6-8 weeks depending on requirement.
Tessa Haring
Joyce Linklater
(Deputy Manager)
Pregnancy Counselling & Care (Scotland)122 Giles Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6BZ
Telephone - 0131 557 2060
Email -
One-to-one counselling for issues relating to pregnancy or early parenthood, including miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, termination, perinatal anxiety and depression.

*Currently only working online
Free (donations welcome)NoBetween 2 and 8 weeksEmilie Rousseau
Saheliya125 McDonald Road,

Tel: 556 9302
Fax: 0131 476 8429

Individual Counselling and Art Therapy for Black and Minority Ethnic girls/women aged 12 plus in different BME languages. Free CrècheFree. Donations welcome.YesVariable, depending on demand.Keiko Ota
SamaritansTel: 116 123
Call us free from any phone, day or night, 365 days a year

25 Torphichen St

Response time 24 hours

It can be helpful to call ahead and arrange a time to come in. Check opening times via the website.FreeYesNone
Simpson House Counselling and Recovery Service
52 Queen Street

Tel: 225 6028/ 225 1054

Speciality Our Counselling & Recovery team provide support to those over the age of 16 who are affected by their own or someone else’s past or present drug use.

Managing Thoughts Feelings and Behaviours:
Counselling & Recovering clients are offered Managing Thoughts Feelings and Behaviours, formally known as Recovery Appointments, which are structured and focused 30 minute sessions using CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and REBT (rational emotive behaviour therapy) tools to explore issues which may be affecting their day to day life. Many clients have 6 sessions before moving on to counselling, which can be more in depth and opened ended. .
- Self Referral
- Donation Based

A space for one person to explore their thoughts and feelings about the way their life is affected by another’s drug use and concerns related to that e.g. relationships, loss, anger, stress, guilt, shame, self-esteem, fear, anxiety, understanding addiction and drugs.
- Self Referral
- Donation Based
Managing Anxiety Using Self Compassion - a course designed to help you learn more about anxiety and find coping tools to build confidence and resilience. - 6 weeks
- Free
- Contact: Liz Forrester & Paul Nicholson - 0131 225 6028

Group: A Life Worth Living
A group for people who are learning to survive but also want a life worth living.
- Free
- Contact: Liz Forrester & Paul Nicholson - 0131 225 6028

: Donation Based
Criteria: living in Edinburgh - please enquire for specific postal codes, affected by their own or someone else's past or present drug use.
Yes. Must be arranged in advance
Self-referrals only. There is a waiting list that varies in length, please contact for latest timescales.To make a referral or for all enquiries, please email or call 0131 225 6028
Simpson House Sunflower Garden52 Queen Street

Tel: 225 6028/ 220 2488

Sunflower Garden supports children/young people aged 5-18 whose parents/carers are suffering from drug & or alcohol misuse.
Family Outreach Service
- in partnership with Circle Harbour Project to provide support across Edinburgh for families affected by drug/alcohol use.
- Sunflower provides 1:1 therapeutic support to children/young people on an outreach basis, usually in school.

Individual Counselling & Art Therapy
Counselling based at Simpson House.

Group Work
- for those affected by alcohol use in their families
- generally held on Monday afternoons but can vary. Please enquire for more information
FreeYes. Must be arranged in advance
There is a waiting list that varies in length, please contact for latest timescales. To make a referral or for all enquiries, please email or call 0131 225 6028
Talk and Grow Email:

Tel: 0131 610 7551
Our goal is to make the process of finding a counsellor easier for clients by offering a three-step booking system, that involves a "matching tool" in which we ask a series of questions that will lead you to a counsellor that suits you. We believe that finding a counsellor should be simple, especially if you are in a difficult place when searching for one. The world of therapy can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what to look for, so we want to help.£35-£65Some of our counsellors do have enabled access, this will be stated in their profiles. All of our counsellors update their availability monthly, there is currently no waiting list if a counsellor is currently unavailable, it would be a case of re-visiting the website monthly to check availability for that particular counsellor.
TalkTime Scotland
Norton Park Conference Centre Albion Rd
Edinburgh EH7 5QY
Tel: 07774 210104
website: Website
We offer free counselling to young people aged 12-25 who are either physically disabled or have a long-term physical health condition. This can be in person or by phone or video link.Free, donations welcome
YesNoneSeonaid Cooke
Tara Trust Edinburgh
12 Marchhall Crescent
EH16 5HL

Tel: 0131 667 3723

General Counselling/Stress Management/Tara Rokpa Psychotherapy - Individual and Groups
Charges vary according to the counsellor No waiting list
Lesley Hammond
The Health AgencyWester Hailes Healthy Living Centre
30 Harvesters Way
EH14 3JF
Anyone wishing to access counselling should call the reception on 0131 453 9400 and ask to be put on the counselling waiting list.
Email: For further information, email

Person-Centred Counselling - 12 weekly sessions.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - 16 weekly sessions.

Accessible to individuals aged 16 years upwards living in South West Edinburgh

FreeYesYes. One to one crisis intervention available if needed prior to counselling. Fiona Partington
The Junction
people, health & wellbeing in Leith.
Face to face counselling postponed due to Covid 19.
82-86 Great Junction Street

Tel: 0131 553 0570


Due to Covid19 restrictions, our current support services are on hold including counselling, open-access and outreach.
What we are able to offer are;
* Continuous 1:1 support with current clients (via phone instead
of face to face).
* NEW: Digital Drop-in (digital version of our face-to-face drop-in). Free and
confidential emotional or well-being support via phone, email, text or Whatsapp
(instead of face-to-face) for 30 minutes a time. YP aged 12-21 in all of Edinburgh can
request support by texting or phoning 07758348850 or emailing our support line at and we will get back to them to arrange a time to talk. Please see our website, Facebook or Instagram for updates.
FreeYesDue to the changes in circumstances with Covid19 the following
services are on hold:
* Counselling is postponed
* Face to face drop-in and walk-in services are closed
* We are now closed for new referrals
The Next Chapter
10 William Street
(from 7/1/19)
0131 467 4044

General counselling for people aged 16 and over to explore life’s challenges and address personal difficulties. Reduced fee counselling available for up to 26 sessions per personNegotiated fees in line with income, starting at £10 per sessionGround floor counselling room available but no accessible WCWaiting list for both full-fee and reduced-fee places. The wait time varies between around 2 weeks to 4 months.Fiona Armstrong
The Spark1st Floor, 3 Rutland Square, Edinburgh
We have 15 centres across Scotland.
Website: Website

Appointments Telephone: 0808 802 0050
The Relationship Helpline: 0808 802 2088
A well-established charity in Scotland delivering a range of relationship support, education and counselling services £45 per session
Cost is flexible based on couples/individuals financial circumstances, we make sure cost is never a barrier to counselling.
NoWe can generally accommodate clients in 1 – 2 weeks across all centresAppointments Team
The Stafford Centre
103 Broughton Street

Tel: 557 0718
Fax: 478 7119

Counselling service closed as of 2019. Drop-in centre for adults with mental health problems.
Offers information, support, group and recreational activities.
FreeLimitedAppointments by referral and self referral.Reception
The Whole Works
Jackson’s Close,
209 Royal Mile,

Tel: 0131 225 8092

A variety of counselling approaches available.
One hour initial consultation to determine appropriate support.
£45-£60; concessions available with some practitioners
Initial Consultation within the week. Possible waiting for first appointment. Reception
VOCAL Edinburgh Carers’ Hub
60 Leith Walk

Tel: 0131 622 6666

Counselling for carers in Edinburgh and across the Lothians.
Sessions provided by individually agreed voluntary contribution, or free of charge if income is very limited.
YesIntake / assessment appointment within 2 weeks. Usually a waiting list for counselling of 2-3 months.
Lorraine Mackenzie
Wellspring13 Smith's Place

Tel: 0131 553 6660

Psychotherapy for individuals and families.
Fees negotiable by income level. Minimum £25.
No access but sessions can be arranged at another venue.
As of August 2019, the waiting list for our core service (fees based on a sliding scale according to income) is now up to 14 weeks.Agata Zdzieblowska and Gemma Bryant